Buy and Sell

Buy and Sell

Burland Buy and Sell

Burland Buy and Sell Online is a free service for our residents & the Local surrounding communities. It is designed to allow individuals to advertise items for sale, or list items wanted. This site is not designed for traders or retailers to advertise their wares or services, and any listings of this nature will be removed. Burland Parish Council makes no guarantee of the validity of the items advertised, nor of their value or whether they are fit for purpose.

When a new item is put onto the buy/sell section, several pieces of information are required:

  • the advertiser’s name
  • a short title for the item
  • A description of the item including price where relevant – this will appear when a reader clicks on that item on the list.
  • A valid e-mail address to which any responses will be sent. This will not appear on the website
  • Contacts name & telephone number will appear on the web site if included in the listed advertisement.
  • A “Listing edit key” which will subsequently be emailed to the advertiser & used to edit or remove the listing when required.
  • Optional photographs of the item which the advertiser can upload to the website using the “browse” button. The photograph should not be more than 300Kb in size.

When a reader wishes to respond to a specific advertisement, by clicking the contact button it will bring up a form into which text can be entered. This text will be forwarded, as it is, to the e-mail address given by the original advertiser of the item. So this entry needs to include a phone number or e-mail address so that the advertiser of the item can reply. From this point on the website is no longer involved, and negotiations take place directly between advertiser and responder.

When a transaction has been completed, the original advertiser should request its removal from the buy/sell list, using the “Listing edit key” provided.

Any advertisement will be removed automatically after 30 days.