Apologies for absence should be notified to the Clerk before 6.00 pm on the day of the meeting, if possible.



Members to declare any disclosable pecuniary interest or non-pecuniary interest which they have in any item of business on the agenda, the nature of that interest, and in respect of disclosable interests, to leave the meeting prior to the discussion of that item.

If declarations are not made at this point in the proceedings, they should be made as soon as the Member becomes aware of an interest.

Whilst the Clerk can advise on the Code of Conduct and its interpretation, the decision to declare (or not) is the responsibility of the Parish Councillor, based on the circumstances of the matter in hand.



To approve, as a correct record, the minutes of the annual meeting of the Parish Council held 13th May 2019.

DRAFT Minutes – 10 June 2019



To raise any matters from the above minutes.



Members of the public can ask questions or address the Parish Council.



Two vacancies exist on the Parish Council following the elections on 2nd May 2019 and the co-option of two Members at the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 13th May 2019 and one at the Parish Council meeting on 10th June 2019.

As per the Parish Council’s Standing Orders, the vacancies have been advertised.

The Council is now invited to co-opt two individuals to fill the vacancies.

The Clerk will read out the names of any individuals who have indicated that they wish to be considered for the vacancies. Parish Councillors present at the meeting are then asked to nominate individuals. Any nominations must also be seconded. Councillors may nominate any other individuals known to them in addition to the names read out by the Clerk.

Any candidate does not have to be present for the decision, but candidates may be invited to speak in support of their candidature prior to any nomination.

Where two or more persons have been nominated and seconded and none of these persons has received an absolute majority of votes in their favour, the name of the person receiving the least number of votes shall be struck off the list of candidates and a fresh vote taken. This process shall continue until a majority of votes is given in favour of one person.

It is suggested that candidates present are asked to leave the room when the vote is taken.

A tie may be settled by use of the Chairman’s casting vote.


Members are asked to nominate individuals to fill the vacancies on the Parish Council and vote on any nomination(s).



7.1        Authorisation of payments

£227.76             Dr MJ Bailey – salary payment for Clerk (July 2019)

£56.94              HMRC for month 4 of the tax year (Clerk’s salary)

£35.00              ChALC (training costs)


Members are asked to approve the above payments.


7.2        Ledger/Bank Reconciliation Statement (1st April 2019-30th June 2019)

The ledger/bank reconciliation statement for the period 1st April 2019-30th June 2019 is presented to Members for note.

(to follow)


7.3        Budget Monitoring Statement – First Quarter 2019/20 (April-June 2019)

The budget monitoring statement for the first quarter of 2019/20 (April-June 2019) is presented to Members for note.

(to follow)



 Borough Councillor W S Davies to report on any Cheshire East Council matters of interest.



 To receive an update on any issues relating to highways in the parish and affecting the parish.


9.1   Speed Gun

To provide an update on issues relating to use of the speed gun.


9.2   Speed Indication Device (SID)

To update on the use of the SID in the parish.



 To receive an update on any issues relating to planning in the parish and affecting the parish.



 This item has been included on the agenda for Members to discuss any communication issues and for Members to share information.



 Monday 9th September 2019 – Goodwill Hall


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